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Plastic Pimps

Plastic Pimps

Event concluded on 17th March, 2006

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239 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia

Plastic Pimps: The Qee Sessions, the first of many customised figure and toy exhibitions in Melbourne and Australia, hosted by A.I and Koan with the focused on promoting the Australian street culture scene to the world while also expanding the general awareness of the coolness of toys.

Sponsored by shadow it features 43 of the best contemporary artists in Australia busting their style on Qees, vinyl toys made by Hong Kong-based company Toy2R. The show came about when toy collector, artist and organiser, Matthew Younger decided he wanted to see what his peers could do with the blank 8-inch toys, which come in the forms of Bear, Cat, Monkey, Dog and Toyer, by painting, molding or mutilating them. 'Vinyl toys are huge on the international scene,' says Younger. 'Artists such as Shepherd Fairey, Dalek, Fafi and Tim Biskup have designed Qees, but Australia seems to have missed out somehow.

We have some of the best and most unique street art in the world and I wanted to show that off.' The artist line-up for the show includes big names such as: Merda, Reka, Phibs, JeremyVille, and A.I, as well as a few select up-and-coming artists. 'The fun part about it is that the list of artists is so diverse. They come from different places and have different backgrounds. Most of the artists come from Melbourne, but we have artists from all over the country including New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania. There are stencil artists and graphic designers and one of the guys is a tattoo artist.'

Plastic Pimps The 43 Qees will be exhibited at China Heights Gallery in Sydney (L3, 16-28 Foster St, Surry Hills) from 16th to 19th of February and at Betuna in Melbourne (239 Flinders Lane, Melbourne) from 3rd to 17th of March. The Qees will be sold via the Exhibitions and after available on

Music will be provided by DJ Cammo Rhyme and dub step and the Amazing Lord Monkey playing funk afro brazilan tunes. 'We want everyone to come along and have a good time, and most importantly support Australian art,' Younger says. The Qees are 8-inch vinyl toys that come in various forms and made by Hong Kong-based company, Toy2R. Each of the artists has been given a blank Qee to use as a three-dimensional canvas The show came about because organizer, Matthew Younger, had seen what all these international artists where doing with this medium and decided to see what his peers could do with the toys. That these shows have been done overseas and entered into by many big-name artists.

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