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Night of the Round Table

Night of the Round Table

Event concluded on 16th May, 2010

Google Maps MarkerSomeday Gallery
72 B Fitzroy Street, Surry Hills, 2010, New South Wales, Australia

As night falls on the 12th of May a group of dynamic street and graffiti artists will emerge from the dark and gather into Somedays to treat us to an exciting and dynamic collaborative event.

More than just a style but rather a way of life, Nights at the Round Table will exhibit the method and intricacies of a style untaught by book. Bringing their practices out from the streets and into a gallery context, these artists will demonstrate their letterforms, sculptures, stencils and signature styles.

Pencil the dates in, this is a must see for lovers of the underground art scenes of Sydney.

Exhibition opens Wednesday 12 May 6-9pm.

Continues until 6 June 2010

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