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Kill Pixie

Kill Pixie

Event concluded on 21st September, 2006

Google Maps MarkerUntil Never
L2 3-5 Hosier Lane, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia

Kill Pixie has recently been causing a stir in the Australian graffiti scene with his naive and idiosyncratic characters. Although his works appear in many private collections and previous exhibitions at Monster Children and China Heights, the best chance you have of spotting one of his creations is by keeping an eye out on the streets of his hometown, Sydney. Kill Pixie is terrified of sleep.

The grotesque notion that one might rest when they could be out painting the town 18 shades of inspiration doesn't sit well for the young infidel. Despite recent crackdowns on street artists, Kill Pixie continues to create spell binding imagery in some of the harbour city's seediest grottos. Until Never is proud to present Kill Pixie's first solo exhibition in Melbourne. 

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