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Wooden Toy Launch Party!

Wooden Toy Launch Party!

Event concluded on 28th January, 2006

Google Maps MarkerSt. Jeromes
7 Caledonian Lane, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia

Issue One is upon us. So come basque with us in the fruits of our labour of love. After a year and a bit of juggling, tape cutting and walking blindly across the tightrope towards the light, it seems that we have reached the little platform on the other side. It's now time for us to take the face paint off, put the lion back in the cage and start training a new animal � Space travel. So, merge with us as we sip, swing and frolic to the sounds of Monkey the Merciless and wonder at the sights of freshly juiced artwork by Bonsai and Two on the famous �Rancho wall'. Like two friends separated by a cold war we will laugh as we meet, cry as we are separated, and then laugh again as we are reunited over cold Brazilian Brahma (going cheap ;). If you are the violent type, come along. We plan on bashin' Pinata on the night, in front of a live audience. He's full of it and we've had enough. The punter who hits him the hardest will get to take his insides home with them in a bag! And the fun doesn't stop there - come marvel at the live Chilean two legged bongo player - he's perfect for those awkward interlude parts of the night where people usually stand around looking at their feet between sets. Nobody likes to look awkward. *Disclaimer: Management reserves the right to refuse entry to anybody bearing the unfortunate name of 'Pinata' or similar.

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