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THREE an International Collaborative Exhibition By

THREE an International Collaborative Exhibition By

Event concluded on 8th April, 2011

Google Maps MarkerBackwoods Gallery
25 Easey St, Collingwood, 3066, Victoria, Australia

  Three countries, Three objects, Three exhibition. Currated by Melbourne based couture label Di$count, Kita Kore Building (Tokyo) and Primitive (London). Each group sourced six random objects, sending three of the object to each of the other groups who deconstructed, reconstructed and customized the objects. The results have been photographed and displayed in three concurrent exhibitions around the world, Tokyo and London have already taken place, Melbourne is next. Kita Kore Building (Koenji, TOKYO) 5 stores, one building, an AMAZING collective of designers who redefine DIY with their eclectic and eccentric garments (jumping to a misleading conclusion, southpaw bynincompoop, GARTER, DOG, ilil) PRIMITIVE (London / U.K) is a new underground fashion boutique and gallery stocking up and coming London designers, Tokyo designers and select vintage. Owned by Tokyo’s Lui Nemeth and Australia’s Andrew Grune. DI$COUNT, Melbourne based designers who kill it, consistently, collaborating on this project with the exceptionally talented RMIT 3rd Year student Vlad Vlad Kanevsky. All photographic work in the show was shot by Zacky Steinic (  

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