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My Illusions Architect

My Illusions Architect

Event concluded on 19th September, 2010

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395 Gore Street, Fitzroy, 3065, Victoria, Australia

 "My Illusions Architect" is a new series of works that sees the introduction of a dramatic and exciting turn in direction for Jae Copp. For the past 12 months Jae has undergone an experimentation process of both, medium and technical skills, involving various paper treatments, hand stitching and intricate brush based illustrations. Jae has long used allegories and abstract twists to take personal and social views both, good and bad out of context, into a surreal, and at times almost semi- nonsensical way. Through this series the artist evokes stories of a non-definitive space in time that reflect a post- apocalyptic era, as central figures take form to mimic learning\\\\\\\'s of a bygone civilization, in pursuit of redeeming social harmony, respect and understanding for one another and responsibility for the planet they now inhabit. Armed to the teeth with the much needed strength and environmental compassion, his characters begin repairs on the broken in prospects of a new beginning.

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