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Inhabited Times - Fletcher Andersen

Inhabited Times - Fletcher Andersen

Event concluded on 16th September, 2010

Google Maps MarkerAt Large Gallery
208 High Street, Northcote, 3070, Victoria, Australia

 "Inhabited Times" is the first solo exhibition from Fletcher Andersen, presenting both new and unexhibited works from a vast, conceptual world building project over a decade in the making.

Fletcher, out of Perth and now Melbourne-based, has steadily built the dark, solar system spanning demesne of The Known. Adrift with the remnants of a technologically-rich past, wandered by the disparate remains of a xenophobic humanity; the remnants of the failed Singularity struggles to discover a route with which to rebuild life, albeit hyper-evolved.

Shining a light on humanity and its absorption of technology, Fletcher marks our vicissitudes in bionics, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. He draws upon Singularity Theory, the concept that the pace of technological development approaches a crescendo whereat life inevitably transforms to accommodate advances in science – irrevocably altering civilisation, society and the biosystem.

Presenting a wide range of illustrations, prints and visuals, Inhabited Times is the first exploration into the vagaries, alternatives and deviations of a future civilisation in which the concept of humanity is a lost, idiosyncratic aberrative.”

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