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The Beans

The Beans

Event concluded on 25th September, 2006

Google Maps MarkerE-55
55 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia

The Beans is the collective moniker of Melbourne artists Bonsai and Two. The pair have been working together harmoniously for a couple of years, summoning joyous, bright and colorful visions of fantasia into the world from a shared mind-space, Beans Land. As a rule to be broken, Two conjures the characters that populate Beans Land. Numbering among the exotic creatures and animals are flying fish, human-limbed elephants and deeply wise, knowing and serene mystic people. Bonsai sketches the landscapes - the world - that these characters color. It is a world of bouncing hillsides, flower-shaped clouds and cloud-like flora, with houses for Two\'s Beans-Landese to make their homes springing out from every-which-where. Taken together, each picture is an impression of the way The Beans see our world. Their dream, their imaginations.. their Beans Land. Where pigs can fly, Gods play in the streets with children, and snails impart profound insights into life and love in beautiful, rolling Spanish as you slowly fly by them, aback an enormous, ancient turtle. Each of their pieces feels as though you could walk inside it and become part of Beans Land. While most of their collaborative work has been spray-painting walls, they have explored other mediums and made them their own. The Beans aesthetic seems so fluid that it cannot help but envelope all art forms. Indeed, a city block or a kitchen sink designed by The Beans would make as much sense and be as artful as the works of paint-on-canvas in this exhibition.

The Beans intend this exhibition as an illustration and a celebration of just how well they work together. How perfectly matched their work is to each other\'s, as if it came to them from a shared place. As if they both heard the echo of an human-elephant\'s trumpeting call from somewhere outside of time and space. As if, upon hearing the echo, they both jumped - startled and curious - said, "Who\'s there..?" and found each other. More than that - illustration and celebration of their relationship - the exhibition is also an invitation for you to see and hear these things; to enter this world. Come to Beans Land! 

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