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Outside, Over Here. Guild 2nd Edition Launch

Outside, Over Here. Guild 2nd Edition Launch

Event concluded on 13th July, 2006

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Level 1, 145 Greville Street, Prahran, 3181, Victoria, Australia

Featuring artwork by: Bo 130, Jon Burgerman, Rob Cordiner, Adam Cruickshank,Paul Clark, Grant Dickson, Deb Fineberg, Forcetwelve, Drunk Park, Steve Green, Darren Henderson, Anthony Lister, Microbo, Nails, Lee Misenheimer, Jade Palmer, Phibs, Reka, Josh Robenstone, Andy Sargent,Tin & Ed, Radek Wocjik. Launch exhibition featuring original works by all contributors as well as Adam Gardiner, Andrew Gillies, Joe Hamilton, Koan, Stormie Mills, Justin Ridler, Kelvin Soh, Stephanie Wenzel & Janine Wurfel. Imp (above Greville St Bookstore)

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