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Event concluded on 5th July, 2008

Google Maps MarkerGuildford Lane Gallery
Guildford Lane, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia

s the world grows bigger, it gets smaller. With every blog, news feed, TV show, download or instant message, ideas are transmitted and travel the globe in a single moment. From a cool catch-phrase to the latest fashion accessory seen in a movie, memes propagate themselves through cultures like a virus. Memes are the face of the connections that join us across nations and cultures. The Meme exhibition is a visual narrative of this connection by a collective of 5 Melbourne photographers who intersected through the landscape of new media. Stories from the streets of Singapore, through Kyoto, Nanjing, Phuket and Hong Kong to the beaches of St Kilda. Each work connects from one to another, weaving a story that begins and ends at any point. Meme exhibition opens at 7pm, on the 19th of June 2008, at Guildford Lane Gallery.

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