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Last Change Studios Excellent Adventure. Melb

Last Change Studios Excellent Adventure. Melb

Event concluded on 24th October, 2010

Google Maps MarkerNo Vacancy Project Space
The Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia

 Perth low-brow art whiz kids Last Chance Studio go coast-to-coast this spring, undertaking an epic voyage of discovery and radness with an unprecedented 3 exhibitions in 3 cities in 2 weeks.
Daek, Kid Zoom, Creepy, Sean Morris, Ryan Boserio and Tim Rollin are the primary members of Last Chance Studio – a growing band of hungry young artists bringing national focus back to Perth, a city that has suffered from a frustrating talent drain in the last decade.
Originally conceived as an independent collaborative workspace 18 months ago, Last Chance grew quickly into an innovative and ambitious collective, the heart of a new low-brow art movement in Western Australia. Their prime location – an old shopfront on William Street in the centre of the city – serves as the perfect home base for a revolution that is infiltrating galleries and claiming wall spaces all over town.
It’s not just Perth that’s sitting up and paying attention though. All the members have by now gained some degree of notoriety for their work on the East Coast – Creepy in particular following his huge Gorker gallery show last year. And now the Last Chance name is beginning to be heard on an international level – especially with the recent US attention being paid to Kid Zoom and Sean Morris. Kid Zoom is currently in New York working with street art giant Ron English.
Studio founder Daek describes Last Chance as “A brotherhood of friends who wanted to push our work to a new level, give birth to something that has never existed in out city… a place where low brow artists could work that wasn’t just their bedrooms.” Sometimes low-brow artists like to go on holiday as well, so they’re heading east for a fortnight of heart breaking and art making.
LAST CHANCE STUDIO’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE marks the first time that the artists of Last Chance have united to bring the full force of their movement across the nullabor. And they are doing it in style – throwing caution and logistical nightmares to the wind, and declaring their intent to put on three completely separate art shows in three cities in two weeks. Why Aren’t You Naked? – Another exhibition of completely new artworks and wall paintings by the collective, at the new No Vacancy Project Space in Federation Square. The show opens at on Thursday, October 7 at 6pm and runs until October 24.
Daek says that Melbourne and Sydney folks should come down to the openings if they would like to “Make some good friendly pals they can come stay with if they want to visit nice beaches in the summer.” Asked to describe the fortnight of antics they have ahead of them, he imagines that it will probably be “Exactly like Robocop wearing Nintendo power gloves watching The Wizard in an epic gaming montage.”
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