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BaseField 2005. The Commons

BaseField 2005. The Commons

Event concluded on 14th August, 2005

Google Maps MarkerChapel Off Chapel
12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran, 3181, Victoria, Australia

The opening night is Wednesday 27th July 2005 at 1830hrs at the Chapel off Chapel Galleries, 12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran, Melbourne, Australia. For further information please contact 0421 707 625 or email The show will display over 200 pieces of unique artwork created by what I consider to be some of the most talented artists of our time. The Commons exhibition will run from the 27th July through to the 15th August 2005 and you can also visit for further updates. The full line up of artists includes: Robert Mars, Tiffany Monk, Kid Acne, Jon Burgerman, Kate Sutton, S Faustina, Etsu Meusy, Todd St. John, Connah Brecon, Travis Millard, Mr Jago, Matt Owens, Kyle Ranson, Tofer,Carlos Magallon, Stormie Mills, Ryan Waller, Steve More, Andy Jenkins, Ben Frost, Tobin Yelland, Cody Hudson, Richard T. Colman, Steve Harrington, Mike Giant, Chad Buckingham, Regular Product, Kev Grey, Dalek, Karen Ingram, Niko Stumpo, Andrew Pommier, Harsh Patel, Robert Hardgrave, Michael Sieben, Sacha Eckes, Steve Smith, Vicki Wong, Dmote, Yoichi Matsuda, Nathan Jurevicius, Paul Clark, Luke Canning, Lee Misenheimer, Derrick Hodgson, Jeremy Fish, Esao Andrews, Rick Froberg, Andy Sargent, Cassandra Allen, Oz Dean, Jade Palmer, Anthony Skirvin, Merda, Kelly Tunstall and Remi Roughe. The line up of community web artists includes: Alessio Schiavon, Anthony Nollen, Thomas Brodahl, Mark Jackson, Ernesto, Rob Cordiner, Amy Yvonne Yu, Clay Rochemont, J. Byrnes, Nadia Hunt, D.Douglass, Martin Pribble, Astred Hicks, Minimallwario, Neil Collyer, Dustin Amery Hostetler, Lola Landekic, Rubens Lp, Mark Sarmel, Brad Howe, Brooke Balliett, Team Kitten, Lilly Piri, Dana Smith, Josh Feldman, Darin Bendall, Ytje Veenstra, Kilar, Damion Silver, Matthew Rodriguez, Andy Murphy, Bradford Gregory, Fette, Emma williams, Rancho Notorious and Nik D. Don't forget to visit and enter the raffle to win some fantastic artwork in the MEGA RAFFLE if you have not already collected your number!

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