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100k Melbourne

100k Melbourne

Event concluded on 2nd September, 2006

Google Maps MarkerBus Studio Gallery
117 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia

Reka takes his 100k show back home to where it's all really happening, Melbourne. Launching at bus gallery on the 29th of August, reka's solo show promises to offer more than just the usual Melb crew of trendy morons pretending to know whats up so they can get to the free bar, the show itself will be a definitive collection by one of Melbourne�s most predominant and influential young artists. "100K" aligns with the central thematic tone of black ink drawings that dominates this dynamic show. The work features strong linkages to line work and highlights imagery in its purest form. This exhibition will feature work Reka has created, drawn from inspirational influences such as anime and the work of tattoo art. The drawings are entirely drawn in black ink with bold and divergent lines, natural and organic in style and leaning heavily on the graffiti roots of Reka. In creating this exhibition, Reka has drawn inspiration from his Melbourne street roots, tribal and ancient Japanese patterns while still adhering to a cartoon and graffiti core. This influence is blended with themes and designs from animation and the stimulus of the earlier works of Keith Haring, Basquiat and the "pop art" movement. Reka is well known for his unique tribal and ancient aesthetic character design, a representation of the human figure in a street form. In this exhibition, using the medium of "100K" and moving from his street art background, he embraces tribal shapes and designs and morphs them into natural forms. These are reminiscent of animals, leaves, flowers and trees and the interpretation of the human form in various states. In his previous works and exhibitions, Reka has used colour and bold shape and form to engross the observer in his characters and his collaborative works feature this distinct style. Now, in a successful divergence into the more structured Melbourne art scene, Reka has established the "100K" exhibition that showcases the organic patterns of natural forms in this distinct black ink style. 117 Lt Lonsdale Street Melbourne CBD

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