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Taking Melbourne and Beyond

Taking Melbourne and Beyond

Event concluded on 30th March, 2011

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Miss Libertine's, 34 Franklin St, Melbourne, 3000, Victoria, Australia presents Taking in Melbourne and Beyond. is a music based community forum that talks all things beats related. Among the music talent on the board, other talents started to emerge such as design, photography, writing etc. This exhibition is a representation of just some of that talent on the photography front. Taking in Melbourne and Beyond is all things what Melbourne means to the photographer. A glimpse of the city we live in and love and always come home to even after being away. Some of the members have recently travelled or currently live overseas, and wanted to show some of their experiences and impressions of the beyond. This exhibition proves yet again that music brings people together and is such an important aspect of Melbourne and its culture. Music is all, rock on.

The photographers exhibiting are the likes of:

Lynt (Karl Stanton) who has exhibited before in group shows and his own show on his amazing shots of New York, show casing Uptown, Downtown, Coney Island, Empire State, Wall St, Central Park and pavement pounding missions on the block.

Ghetto Kitty (Bo Ghetto) who is the creator of 4Walls Gallery, semi famous for the international bondage baby takeover and other strange art forms, her passion for art knows no bounds.

Lizkins (Elizabeth Lugg) who is generally running the organisation of this show, along with Ghetto Kitty. Liz found a passion for photography a number of years back and has hit the pavement on numerous missions around Melbourne and overseas. She recently was a finalist in a Canon photography competition, and this is her first exhibition.

Other photographers show casing their work are Mecka (Oli Yip); Lucas (Lucas Chan); eN (Dustin Neill); Kaiproject (Caspian Kai); bassfreak (Leith Booker); YI (Alex Virr); Ulyssian (Daniella Meneghetti ); and Elysium (Elly Rich).  

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